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"Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting.."

-Author Unknown



A word from "horse51" - Lead Photographer and founder of TFR Media.

Since I can remember, I have been attending airshows and events of all kinds. The knack for photography began with film and 35mm then advanced to more modern SLR and Digital media. The ability to capture life, as we see it, always has been therefor me. Our goal is to share the images of our travels, airshows, events and beyond. In my travels, I have met some of the greatest folks and have made some very strong friendships. A sincere thank-you to all those for the opportunities, media opportunities,and to take the time to teach me various technique and concept.

We hope that you have enjoyed your visit with TFR Media and invite you to check back often for updates...

All Prints are available for purchase. My contact is provided via link below, please send me an email.

**Military Personnel and Demo Teams seeking photos, please send me an email. We are grateful to all that you have done and contiune to keep our country free and I will gladly provide them to you - God Bless You

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